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Exstew Valley [J. Rice]

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Sleeping Beauty Mountain [R. Dusdal]

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View from Shames Mountain [J. Rice]

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Sun setting over Kalum Lake [J. Rice]

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Exchamsiks flowing into Skeena River [J. Rice]

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View from Shames Mountain [J. Rice]

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Totem pole at Kitselas Canyon [J. Rice]

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Trekking in Northwestern BC [R. Dusdal]

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Hiking Trails in Northwestern BC [R. Dusdal]

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Exstew Valley

Carlyle Shepherd & Co offers a wide range of accounting, auditing, taxation and consulting services. The firm has its roots in the Pacific Northwest, with offices in Terrace, Prince Rupert, Smithers, Kitimat, and Coquitlam.

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Northwestern British Columbia is an area of outstanding natural splendor offering unparalleled opportunities for the outdoor enthusiast; hiking, skiing (downhill and cross country), fishing, hunting and watersports. It also features some of the province's most affordable housing, all amenities, and friendly welcoming communities.

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